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The firm specializes in Business Centres, Institutional, Residential, Sports Infrastructure, Institutional & Recreational and other infrastructural projects.
It provides Comprehensive Architectural Services including Structural Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Electrical Engineering, HVAC, etc.
The firm is competent in handling Comprehensive Architectural Services along with Urban Design & Planning & Feasibility Reports, Project Documentation,  Fire Safety, Green Building and Landscaping projects.

Services: Services


  • Translation of client's requirements into a design brief

  • Site evaluation, analysis and impact assessment

  • Site planning and architectural design

  • Structural design and calculations

  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and Sewerage design

  • Electrical, electronics and communication systems planning

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design

  • Planning of elevators, escalators and other means of movement

  • Design of fire detection, protection and fighting system

  • Security systems design 

  • Inspection and evaluation of construction works

  • Coordination and construction management


  • Site evaluation and assessment

  • Space planning and volumetric studies

  • Architectural additions and alterations

  • Design of fixed items of work, loose Furniture and interior related civil works

  • Illumination design

  • Sound management and acoustic design

  • Graphic design and signage

  • Indoor Plant-scape

  • Selection of materials, equipment and gadgetry

  • Integration of engineering services


  • Techno – Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Urban Structure Planning

  • Site Evaluation

  • Circulation Design

  • Analysis of Architectural character, Social issues and Heritage

  • Volumetric study and Urban Form Recommendations

  • Architectural Controls / Guidelines

  • Planning and design of service infrastructure and utilities - Implementation Strategies


  • Site appraisal and suitability - Site planning

  • Landform and grading

  • Design of landscape structure and layout

  • Circulation design

  • Open space design including roads, parking, hard and soft areas, walls, gates and fences, etc.

  • Planting design - Surface drainage and water management strategies

  • Design of garden features

  • Architectural detailing of outdoor structures

  • Graphic design and signage

  • Illumination design

  • Coordination of external services

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